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Giati Furniture, /Apogee Umbrella collection Apogee Umbrella Apogee Umbrella

Apogee Umbrella 12′ Octagonal

Suggested Options:

Wood: Un­finished Teak (T7)
Metal: Giati White (GI-01)

All Materials:
Giati - White
Giati - Grey
Giati - Natural Beige
Giati - Sandstone Beige
Giati - Medium Bronze
Giati - Weathered Copper
Giati - Forest Green
Giati - Weathered Iron
Giati - Lava Black
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Fabric Options:

Oceano – Polar
SKU# 1001

Oceano – Shale
SKU# 1144

Oceano – Linen
SKU# 1137

Oceano – Athenian Yellow
SKU# 1106

Oceano – Sunset
SKU# 1141

Oceano – Glacier
SKU# 1127

Oceano – China
SKU# 1131

Oceano – Coastal Navy
SKU# 1148

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      • Apogee umbrellas are defined by their classic teak hub system, hand turned from laminated teak for lasting durability.
      • Base options in durable powder coated aluminum: Round shape, Square shape, or Square on Rollers.
      • All base options include integrated nylon lifts to provide air space for drying beneath.
      • Finial options in Copper, Chrome, or Teak.
      • Umbrella canopy in awning-grade Oceano fabric by Giati Elements or COM.
      • Arm pockets are lined and triple reinforced to protect the outer fabric from punctures.
      • Custom options include additional Appliqué / Trims, Valances, Linings, Double Wind Venting, etc.
      • Components connect with a “Quick-Lock” attachment system, allowing for effortless replacement of individual parts should damage occur.
      • Our furniture covers are recommended to protect from natural outdoor elements and to improve longevity. Learn more about Care and Maintenance
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      Non-Upholstery Items deliver in 1-2 Weeks.
      Items requiring upholstery deliver in 3-4 Weeks.

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    Apogee Umbrella by Mark Singer
    Giati Furniture
    Giati’s Apogee Umbrellas retain the elegant feel of a classic market umbrella, while seamlessly integrating modern design solutions for unmatched durability. The signature Apogee teak hub system is made of laminated teak with an integrated brass retention ring. Each hub is hand-turned on a lathe and slotted using extremely fine tolerances. The end of each arm is reinforced with solid brass.
    Built to withstand heavy weather while maintaining the elegant feel, we offer a range of sizes, shapes, and custom accents to ensure that there is an option suitable for any space. Should it be necessary, the Apogee Quick-Lock attachment system makes replacing parts a breeze.
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