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Characterized by its dramatic woven rope backrests, the Walters Outdoor Arbor Collection offers lounging and dining essentials with a stylish edge. The collection’s dynamic A-frame teak structures are offset by elegantly curved backrests, which are crafted from durable, weather-resistant rope.

In addition to promoting comfort by conforming to the contours of the body, the rope backrests also create a unique and striking accent to set your space apart. The repeated lines of the woven pattern create a sense of rhythm and movement that effortlessly draws attention, while the combination of materials and textures achieve an inviting tactile richness.

Topped with plush cushions, these elements offer an interesting visual contrast to the sleek, angular frames. These wood structures feel reminiscent of A-frame style architecture, which is popular among modernists in forested and mountainous areas due to their simple, geometric, rustic appeal. Together, these design elements strike a sense of balance for a polished, high-design feel.

Crafted out of high quality solid teak wood and all-weather rope, Arbor is right at home in outdoor spaces, promising long term durability. This, in combination with the collection’s unique styling and modern flair, ensures that your space will look polished for many years to come.

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