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Plein air en vogue– The new Walter’s Outdoor Lifesaver Collection by Sasha Bikoff offers high-design furnishings with an industrial edge. Featuring distinctive platform bases with rounded corners and repeated circular cut outs, the collection’s striking profiles radiate an undeniably modern appeal. The collection’s unique look and avant-garde energy make it the perfect selection for innovators, trendsetters, and those seeking to set their spaces apart from the rest.

Drawing from diverse inspirations, Bikoff’s new collection addresses earlier currents of European modernism including influences from the Vienna Secession, Bauhaus, and beyond. However, Lifesaver’s refined forms speak to these established references while resisting the constraints of any one prescribed style. Ornamented only by the subtle interplay of positive and negative spaces, structure and volume remain at the forefront, while linear surface designs and repeated geometric patterns create depth and variation.

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